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quake.ie main news EQL Playoff update and fixtures
 18/01/2008 12:39  EQL Playoff update and fixtures90205 views | 0 replies 

clan : tayto

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Just in from Itsinen:

At the moment Im quite surprised, Div1 seems to be quite alive after all. The best thing with it is that there are REALLY HOT playoff games already in the quarterfinals!
The Viper Squad won over Clan Malfunction quite easily but it wasnt clear until the end of dm2 that tVS actually would win 2-0. It was something like 3-4 minutes left when you could see that CMF were running out of time.

So this was a game worth watching!
Demos for that game are available here: http://www.challenge-tv.com/index.php?mode=demodetail&demo=34677 .

In the other Division 1 quarter final playoff we had Fragomatic taking on Firing Squad. In the first map Fragomatic were leading however and with 5minutes in all spectators were quite sure that Fragomatic was going to take it home.
In the decided we had ... dm2...
But then autotrack spotted 2 players of Fragomatic at quad and I were quite sure this was the end of [fs] in the map (FD really small). Somehow Keyser got that quad again and got the map under control (have no clue how he did it and [fs] won 2-1!

Demos for this game are available here: http://www.challenge-tv.com/index.php?mode=demodetail&demo=34678 .

Division Rookie is looking quite in-active atm, most of teams have lost some members due to inactivity so Comfortably Numb got a WO from Shortys. Shortys werent the only clan with the problem of inactivity, Misters were also forced to give a WO to the Mob of Oddballs. So the Rookie Division will feature Comfortably Numb vs the Mob of Oddballs in the final!

Division 5 have not played yet but Na Fianna and Vitun Kova Bosse have scheduled a game for this coming Sunday. Allans Vittnen seems active and I have spotted some READ members practicing so hoping for them also to schedule so we can this league finished off!

Division 4 Still waiting for Enemy Quad vs Chosen. Chosen practicing quite a bit at the moment. So I guess they are serious about getting into the finals. Hoping for a tight game there!

Divsion 3 appears to be idle as well or is it ? I have actually heard nothing about the clans who are into the playoffs, hoping they will play their games! Come on guys, make us a show or two

Division 2 is still inactive and rumours are floating about that it might be a Walkover for Easy Riders. This is not definite but its looking really bad :(

Division 1... The only quarter final game left is Koff vs Slackers 2. So who will win here or is this going to be a Walkover ?
The semi finals in DIV 1 will be: the Viper Squad vs Koff/Slackers 2 and Firing Squad vs Slackers.
Please NOTE, these matches will now be Best of 5 (b05)! So lots of frags and hopefully some drama also!

Also remember: http://schedule.qdrama.com -> Get the game scheduled and people will know when you will be playing and then we can also place bets!

Now happy fragging and Good Night

edited by pleuraXeraphim on 18/01/2008 12:39 
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