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quake.ie columns why CPMA > VQ3
 11/05/2006 18:27  why CPMA > VQ33947 views | 2 replies 
oisin g.

i get pwned every day

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ive donated to quake.ie!

From a recent game in the masters cup: note how Lugia had 42% LG and nearly 60% RG, and he still lost. In fact, ALL of his stats are way higher than dzikus; this is not to say dzikus not a good player (far from it) and lugias still an aimwhore, but this is why I love the game. I can spend one day a week playing -- which is all I have time for -- and still have a good time, feeling like Im being competitive. Promode is so much MORE than aim.

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15/05/2006 12:29#1
i have a large penis

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17/10/2006 20:14#2

tactical ownage

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id have to disagree to the asumption that CPMA>VQ3 just because -ALL of his stats are way higher than dzikus- and he still loses ... the same thing can be said about vq3 tbh ...
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