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 08/02/2009 10:45  QW Stats Site Release55877 views | 2 replies 

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It has been said for years now that Quakeworld scene is shrinking and numbers are dropping. Well now we can get a better indication as to the numbers playing Quakeworld and trends with the release of QuakeWorld Statistics (http://stats.quakeworld.nu). developed by pleuraXeraphim and JohnNy_cz .

The new site is a resource which details almost all QuakeWorld matches played on KTX servers. The website allows users to to view matches in the following categories: 4on4, 2on2, 1on1, pov, end, endif and ffa matches with an end of match scoreboard. The site collects and compiles match data and presents this in an easy to view format giving a whole variety of information.

There are weekly awards based on a player ranking system and a profile for all players detailing all their matches and statistics. This is for fun and if nothing else gives an idea of a players activity and can be used to size up an opponent for a league match.

If maps are your thing then their is a map section with detailed stats for all maps played. Finally there is a list of all servers and players with corresponding statistics and a detailed statistics page for all game modes broken down per day and per week.

Any Irish Quakeworld players should hop on IRC and join #nafianna channel. There is still an Irish clan playing in the upcoming 4on4 European Quake League.
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10/02/2009 03:06#1

I look far too much like my avatar these days.

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This is the hottest thing since I left my towel in the dryer for too long! Nice job, pleura. Now we can keep track of the mysterious "Player" no matter where he goes.

15/03/2009 12:38#2
kitty parker


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