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 03/01/2002   qw duel competition5792 views | 4 replies 
James Galvin

Entering a world of pain
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ive donated to quake.ie!

i just noticed on uk gamer that theres a quakeworld duel competition starting run by tronus. you can sign up on the league website or in their channel #qwduels.

players will duel in the best out of 3 maps which will take the league over a number of weeks, if a player wins 2 games out of the 3 he or she will automaticaly be the winner.

the spammiest among you will be disappointed to hear that dm4 is not in the map list, the chosen maps are dm2, dm6 and ztndm3. closing date for entries is 20/01/2002.


clan : fish heads

posts : 171

take it sam no dm4
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