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 07/03/2007 16:54  poll : Quakeworld Map choices3780 views | 1 replies 

clan : tayto

posts : 71

There is some debate at the moment about adding new (kenya) maps for competitions. In particular, removing DM2 from Duel tourneys. After being a part of duel tourneys for years it is now being debated about whether it is time to kick it to the sideline.

So say youve decided to return to play quakeworld after all the years, would you perfer to see the same duel maps DM2, DM6 and DM4 or would you prefer to play totally different maps. For a Tourney would you:

results :
- Perfer TB3 (DM2, DM4, DM6) only 27.27%3 votes
- Prefer TB5 (DM2, DM4, DM6, Aero, ZtnDM3) 18.18%2 votes
- Prefer TB5 + Kenya Maps 36.36%4 votes
- Seperate tourneys for Kenya and TB3/TB5 18.18%2 votes

no of votes : 11

edited by pleuraXeraphim on 07/03/2007 16:54 

08/05/2007 15:06#1

posts : 115

i would take out dm6 instead of dm2, never liked dm6 is boring and pointless. id also take out aero as well and bring in ultrav ! dm2,dm4,ultrav,ztndm3 ftw
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