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quake.ie main news QuakeCups - NEW & IMPROVED
 23/09/2008 17:17  QuakeCups - NEW & IMPROVED76765 views | 3 replies 
Mark O'Beirne


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Last week saw a bit of a change-up to the format of the http://qqc.tourney.cc Quake Quick Cup as it split into a cup for higher level players (Quake Quick Cup) and a cup for newer or more inexperienced players ( http://notquitepro.tourney.cc Not Quite Pro Cup – Congratulations again to SearrarD).

Now, things are being altered again slightly thanks to feedback received from the community. Both cups are going to take on a more scheduled look so that players can plan ahead . http://www.altfire.com

Quake Quick Cup: Capture The Flag – Team Deathmatch – Free For All/Instagib – Duel
‘Not Quite Pro’ Cup: Rest Week – Duel – Rest Week – Duel

What does this mean and why are there “rest weeks” in the NQP Cup – It’s all in the name of variety, trying to get people involved and trying to make sure that everyone is having fun. The “rest weeks” are scheduled to coincide with Quake Quick Cups where the game mode is more friendly for newer or lower skilled players. So while you may be a NQP player, you will get to play with higher skilled players and have fun because you have support!

In Capture The Flag (which will be the next Quake Quick Cup on Sunday 28th September) teams will be balanced to ensure that the overall makeup is at a similar level. So all are welcome to play regardless of skill level. Please sign-up early because teams do need to be balanced – if there are uneven numbers, unfortunately some players will be acting as substitutes. Sign-ups will close on Sunday at 08:00. This will enable us to make up and balance teams.

So to sign-up or for more information visit the Quake Quick Cup site. The NQP site will be updated during rest weeks to keep people up to date with what is happening and because the events in the QQC that week will be of interest to ALL Quake 3 players. As usual, any questions or comments just let us know...

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23/09/2008 22:48#1
Paddy Conway

The Dude Abides
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woot ill sign up tomorrow when im on my other pc (forgot my password)

team vader ftw
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24/09/2008 11:55#2
Mark O'Beirne


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Apparently I fail at linking to websites!


14/01/2009 23:48#3

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i gotta gt in on that :#P
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