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 03/09/2007 13:22  lanparty.ie1979 views | 3 replies 
Richard Smith

Lan God

posts : 43

Well, guys, we finally got it up and running. We are now live with www.lanparty.ie, and it has more features than you can shake a stick at. Apart from all the usual lan organisational stuff, we have a whole bunch of online servers too courtesy of smart telecom (if you are a smart customer, you should have pings approaching lan).At the moment we are running Quakeworld, Q3OSP, Q3CPMA, Q4Max amongst a bunch of other stuff. Feel free to pop on for a game or two - the list of servers can be seen at <a href="http://www.lanparty.ie/servers.php">http://www.lanparty.ie/servers.php</a>

If you have any comments / suggestions about the games currently being run, or if you want to see a particular game hosted, just pop a message into our forums.


07/09/2007 12:16#1

clan : n8z

posts : 175

Rich, youre a feckin legend. Im gonna have to buy u a pint soon. pm me your mobile. my phone was robbed in mexico

07/09/2007 13:20#2

posts : 56

feckin mexicans

07/09/2007 15:45#3

posts : 9

fair fcks
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