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quake.ie main news EQL Playoffs Update
 13/01/2008 19:22  EQL Playoffs Update91095 views | 0 replies 

clan : tayto

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Just in from Itsinen : After first week of the EQL playoffs only 2 games have been played. Still many to go epecially for Division 1! The only game in div1 that has been played was Slackers vs Suddendeath, with a dramatic 2-1 win for Slackers. The difference was 4 frags in the end with a very chaotic finale!

The other game that was played was Clan Metally Troopers vs Bear Beer Balalaika in division 4.
Scores were Clan Metally Troopers 3 - 2 Bear Beer Balalaika with a lots of drama in the end too! 2 frags!!! So seems to be quite tight games, hopefully the upcoming ones are too! GL HF and play your games before last night

edited by pleuraXeraphim on 17/01/2008 19:22 
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