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quake.ie main news Ignition Rookie QW Tournament
 15/07/2008 16:30  Ignition Rookie QW Tournament67932 views | 0 replies 

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Attention all players out there looking to get an introduction to the fast paced challenging game of Quakeworld. Sign ups are currently open for the Ignition Duel tourney which is aimed purely at attracting in new players to the community.

Quakeworld has a very tight nit community and despite the game being over 12 years old, it is still at the forefront for online games in terms of skill and fast paced action. While there is a very steep learning curve in getting up to speed with QW, this tournament hopes to bridge that gap and to give new players a chance to play other like skilled players and to get assistance from experienced players in getting setup.

For more details make sure to go to the Tourney website:

You can download the latest QW Client Package nQuake from here:

For Quakeworld News you can go to the Euro Portal website:

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