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quake.ie main news EQL 6 Playoff Fixtures
 09/01/2008 19:21  EQL 6 Playoff Fixtures91704 views | 1 replies 

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Unfortunately the Host Server for qw.nu and eql.nu websites was hacked recently.
With these down the fixtures have been placed here.

The Play off stages for the sixth season of the European Quakeworld League has been finalized.
This is what we have been waiting for with matches decided and the dates set.

Fixtures are as follows:

Division 1, round 1:

#1 the Viper Squad vs #8 Clan Malfunction
#2 Fragomatic vs #7 FiringSquad
#3 Slackers vs #6 Suddendeath
#4 KOFF vs #5 Slackers II

Division 2, round 1:

#1 Easy Riders EZ vs #4 Oblivion
#2 Ballistic vs #3 Losing Squadron

Division 3, round 1:

#1 No Pasaran! vs #4 Hippushnik
#2 Fraggers United vs #3 Demolitian Crew

Division 4, round 1:

#1 Enemy Quad vs #4 Chosen
#2 Clan Metally Troopers vs #3 Bear Beer Balalaika

Division 5, round 1:

#1 Na Fianna vs #4 Vitun Kova Bosse
#2 Allans Vittnen vs #3 Respawn Addicts

Division Rookies, round 1:

#1 Misters vs #4 Mob of Oddballs
#2 Comfortably Numb vs #3 Shortys

The first playoff game for Div 2-Rookies must be played before the 20th January.
The first and second playoff games for Division 1 must be played before the 20th January.

The finals (and bronze matches) will be played before sunday the 27th (monday 28th morning)!

Remember to add your games to
schedule.qwdrama.com and place your bets on GoldRush.......

For the finer details please make sure to check with EQL Admin Itsinen
on irc: #eql.qw on quakenet.org

Now play your games and have fun. Good luck......

edited by pleuraXeraphim on 17/01/2008 19:21 

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