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quake.ie site and game help Old Noob Starting afresh needs Help!!
 05/02/2008 15:27  Old Noob Starting afresh needs Help!!2195 views | 3 replies 
Aidan Cahill


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Hi guys,
Ive just re-installed q3a (vanilla) and would love to get online with the Irish quake community! Im crap but hopefully will improve with a bit of practice!! used to play loads but never had a net connection and even now im on the dismal o2 thing but will consider gettin line bband in...
Now, brass tacks!
Could somebody please give me a list of Games, Mods etc client packages etc that i SHOULD download to play?! Im completely ignorant of most of this stuff and know nobody whos into quake! Any correspondance would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks a lot for listenin to me moan and hopefully ill be able to get up online and give you guys some target practice!
See ya round!

05/02/2008 15:30#1
Aidan Cahill


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Jesus Christ! I just submitted this and found a big ol forum! Sorry guys! Feelin pretty stupid right now..

05/02/2008 18:36#2

clan : tayto

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Come and play some qw instead Vanhalensarmpit
edited by pleuraXeraphim on 05/02/2008 18:37 

06/02/2008 05:21#3

tactical ownage

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Q3, u need:

-newest PointRelease 1.32 http://www.quakeunity.com/file=1150
-Osp 1.03a http://www.ausgamers.com/files/details/html/5464
-CPMA 1.44 [ 1.45 soon ] + mappack www.promode.org
- config
- for q3ctf mode u should download threewave mappack aswell
- and ofc u need to install punkbuster and then keep it updated

or.... go and play qw instead with "them"
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